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    We help thousands of children

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to rescue permanently displaced and orphaned children around the world and restore their childhood in Christ as we raise them to be Disciples and leaders who bring change right where God planted them.

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    We help thousands of children

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    Neumette provides basic & extensive education to all children it is responsible for. We believe that proper studying helps orphaned children to better know the world around them in all its glory and to develop themselves as society members.

    Water supply

    Our team of volunteers does more than ensuring that the orphan home has fresh, clean water. We also encourage the local community to develop a habit of coming to get clean water.The wells and filtration make life healthy for everyone.

    Therapeutic food

    We ensure that each child has more than enough to eat. Each home acquires therapeutic food by growing it in gardens, receiving donations from members of the congregation, or receiving relief food in cases of emergency or famine.
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